On Wednesday 21st March 2018, ALSA Anniversary 2018 was held by ALSA LC Unsoed.
ALSA Anniversary is an internal event held annually to commemorate the anniversary of ALSA LC Unsoed itself. This year ALSA Anniversary carries the title “Unforgettable Moments From The Past 17 Years”.
This year ALSA Anniversary becomes one of the series of events that ALSA LC Unsoed’s 17th anniversary celebration. This event was held at Red Chilli Resto Pabuaran area. The event was attended by BEM Representative Andre Soaduon and other Student Activity Unit Representatives, ALSA LC Unsoed Alumni Suci Syaftina S.H., Director of ALSA LC Unsoed Iddo Andua Ramadhan and Project Officer Aulia Zerlinda Utari.
The first agenda of the events is the opening by Master of Ceremony, Cornelius Bimo and Oktaviani Agustina. The ALSA Anniversary event was followed by the singing of Indonesia Raya and ALSA Anthem after the welcome speech of Project Officer of ALSA Anniversary 2018, Director of ALSA LC Unsoed, and representatives of BEM Faculty of Law Unsoed, accompanied by the inauguration of the event. After the welcome session from some of the officials at the Faculty of Law, the event continued with prayer reading session, ALSA LC Unsoed saman dance performance, thesis submission, group formation for inaguration, message impression from ALSA LC Unsoed elements, and video tracking ALSA LC Unsoed to commemorate the past of ALSA LC Unsoed’s existence until it can survive until now. Not quite there, after ALSA LC Unsoed’s video tracking followed by a symbolic cutting session, continued eating together.
In the last event of ALSA Anniversary 2018, it closes with a special thing where ALSA LC’s all-Indonesian video, ALSA LC Unsoed, and KBMFH (large family of law faculty students) Student Activity Unit close the event as well as ALSA Anniversary celebrations to 2018 as a form of hope from every element- elements mentioned above for ALSA LC Unsoed in the future to proceed, developing, and contribute in the good reputation of the University of General Soedirman and the Faculty of Law, especially both inside and outside Purwokerto. The shared photo session concludes the event with great solemnity and joy that emanates from the visitors who have come to the ALSA Anniversary 2018.
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