In this modern world, everyone is advised not only to have a high level of education, but also to have the ability to speak in foreign languages.
Moreover, one of them is English has become a communication tool to unite the world community.
So, the ability to speak English is needed to be developed by the younger generation as a manifestation of community service.
The 18th Annual ALSA English Challenge 2017 Local Chapter Universitas Padjadjaran is one of the activities organized by ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Padjadjaran as an annual agenda that carries the theme of “Modern World: Our Response to Multi Aspects Global Penetration”.
In this activity, ALSA LC Unsoed participated by sending 10 delegates in February.
The competition that we participated were debate (Septiani Pramita, Fina Febriyanti, and Anang Riyan), Newscasting (Riandita Nur Octaviani and Nabila Fitriasacrha), Model United Nation (Belinda Tambunan), Speech (Muhammad Irfan Ramadhani and Hendry Hamonangan Siahaan) Irfan as a delegate of Speech Competititon made it to the final round, Nisa Az Zahra got 1st Place of Story Telling Competition, and the last competition we participated was Paper Presentation, which was followed by Fay Sara Fiqry and Praise God, he successfully brought two awards at once, 1st Place of Paper Presentation and Best Paper.

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