ALSA LC UNSOED especially in English development work program, aims to develop the potential to speak english. Besides the target is all members of ALSA, English development also wanted to expand this competition not only for members but also external parties which is a high school Students.
English development is hosted by holding ALSA ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 which is an English competition with Speech Contest and Storytelling. Which was held for Banyumas, Cilacap and Purbalingga region.
With the theme of The Millennial and entitled Increase the courage of young generation through the real competition.
Enthusiastic for high school students equal in this competition is good enough. There are 15 participants in total for both branches, 9 participants for speech and 6 participants for Storytelling.
They consist of several schools which are SMAN 1 Cilacap, SMKN 2 Purwokerto, SMAN 3 Purwokerto, and SMAN 4 purwokerto.

The event was officially opened by ALSA LC UNSOED Advisory ,Dr. Tedi Sudrajat S.H., M.H, following his remarks that greatly motivated the participants.
The event was going well,eventhough the participants looked nerveous, but closed with satisfactory results.
Coming to the moment when the closing ceremony wrapped with the performance of ALSA Acoustic, which increasingly enliven the closing of the event.
Finally MC also announced the winners of each contest wich are:

1 st winner of speech M. Rafly maulana from SMAN 3 PWT
2 nd winner of speech Gita Amelia Rahma SMAN 4 PWT
1st winner of Storytelling Cornelia elviera Denori from SMAN 1 cilacap
2nd winner of Storytelling Audrey Sapphire SMAN 3 pwt
We hope after this all of the Participant can have more courage and motivation to join more competitions, So they can increase their ability in English.

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