Chapter 1
Key Vocabulary
Descriptive =
Behave =
Behaviour/Behavior =
Prescriptive =
Prescribe =
Regulation =
Define =
Conduct =
Impose Upon =
Enforce =
Enforcement =
Codify =

Translate The Sentences

The term “law” is used in many senses, we may speak of the laws of physics, mathematics, science, nature, or the laws of football, logic or health. Some laws are descriptive, they simply describe how people, or even natural phenomena, usually behave. An example of descriptive law is rather consistent law of gravity, another example is the less consistent laws of economics.

Chapter 2

Grammar Section
Passive Voice

Active Voice = S + Verb + O
Passive Voice = S + Be + Past Participle + (By Agent)
*by agent : perilaku dari tindakan
Example = A pear is eaten by me

Rewrite these sentences using passive voice
1) Somebody accused me of stealing money
2) They are using the computer at the moment
3) People won’t forget this event

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