English competition is the oldest English competition in Indonesia, as a reminder, this year is the 22nd of this event held by ALSA LC UI, as always they make this annual competition more interesting because the theme, “Dare to Contribute, Build Up Our Nation” It is expected that ALSA E-Comp can be a place for youth to develop their ability and confidence in English.
For this year Alsa LC Unsoed represented their English Competition delegates which are Nisa Azzahra as delegate of News Casting and M. Fawwazen as delegate of Speech, at before they already prepare for 1 month during the competition happen, for the preliminary round M. Fawwazen recite his speech with the title HERO (Help Everyone Respect Other), Stop Bullying, and Nisa Azzahra has been prepared for News, Weather Forecast, Live Report, and Live Interview with the theme environmental issues. Just like in previous years, the ALSA E-Comp competition always focuses on developing English proficiency. There are Speech, Spelling Bee, Storytelling, Newscasting, Paper Presentation, Battle of Brains, Debate, and E-MUN. The excitement of this event starts from the opening ceremony on April 19th, the delegates are present with a photo booth and also welcoming the delegates from various regions. The competitions lasted for several days starting from April 19th to April 24th, enrolled participant of ALSA E-Comp event this year is very prodigious delegates from various regions made this event more festive and also more competitive. At the closing ceremony, the delegates used a semi-formal dress code to close the event at the auditorium FH UI and also as the closing ceremony of the delegates presented performance of UI students who have talent in music and singing.
The variety of excitement gained and not forgotten is also a very valuable experience of this competition, not only can expand the connection but also this event can add experience that is certainly very valuable for the future. “The first time saw another delegation was inferior because the preparation is very short and many competitors based from the top universities in Indonesia, Praise God, now such an assumption does not exist because in a competition like this we are all the same.” He concluded. The next year, 2019 becomes the event of the 23rd ALSA E-Comp and of course, it will still be held at University of Indonesia, as before this competition will offer many interesting things every year. Now, are you will be the next winner of 23rd ALSA English Competition?

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