At Juny 1999,a transition senat of Faculty of law Jenderal Soedirman University was accepted the invitation to joined E-COMP (English Competition ) and paper presentation at University of Indonesia. Then,the invitation submitted to student activity unit Jutitia English Club (JEC) and then JEC send 13 student as delegates and 1 lecture to joined E-COMP (english competition ) and paper presentation in University of Indonesia.
When a team from Jenderal Soedirman University registrated at Faculty of Law of University of Indonesia to joined E-COMP was known this event is a part of the 11th ASEAN LAW STUDENTS’ CONFERENCE (ASLC) which is held on july 30-august 7th 1999 host by Indonesia which was centered in ALSA Indonesian local committe of University of Indonesia. After persuading the 11th ALSC committee then one of the students of English Competition FH Unsoed delegation participated in the 11th ALSC allowed. Then the delegation FH Unsoed conduct short internal meeting and decided to send representatives youngest is Wiku Krisnamurti.

After returning to Purwokerto, following the results of the activities presented to the ALSC 11th JEC SMEs through Musker (Working Group) JEC 1999. Then after the presentation, the board agreed and decided to made JEC ALSA division with Wiku Krisnamurti as coordinator of the division which also act as formatur ALSA Local Committee Faculty of law Unsoed

Because ALSA itself has a different basis with SMEs JEC, then ALSA division let go of self from JEC and establish SMEs-KLI KLI supported by others, as well as some of the support members of the JEC, although there are pros and cons that occurred in the SME JEC itself. At that time, the requirement to establish ALSA KLI is:
1. Have a clear organizational structure.
2. Have endorsement from the Executive Board and the Dean of Students.
3. Following the National Conference (National Conference) ALSA Indonesia twice in a row. At the time of the Faculty of Law of PKA would send representatives to follow MUNAS ALSA, internal conflicts between students of FH Unsoed communication forum that the Faculty of Law only send 1 representative is Wiku Krisnamurti to follow MUNAS to VII in 2000 which was held in Makassar as Editor.

In 2001, the Faculty of Law Unsoed again received an invitation to attend the National Conference for the second time that Indonesia ALSA VIII National Conference which was held in Sariadji, Bandung hosted by the Padjadjaran University. At the Faculty of Law Unsoed send three members, namely:
1. Wiku Krisnamurti, as formatur ALSA.
2. Charis Ismail, as a representative of BEM.
3. Ari Wicaksono, a representative of the JEC.

At the National Conference ALSA Indonesia VIII, after the Law Faculty Unsoed passed the fit and proper test and have qualified, thus ALSA Local Committee Unsoed or now more commonly known as ALSA Local Chapter Unsoed (ALSA LC PKA) was accepted as a member of a legitimate ALSA National Committee Indonesia is now called ALSA National Chapter Indonesia, passed in At 22:30 pm on March 21 2001.

After the expiry VIII National Conference, and representatives of the Faculty of Law Unsoed return to Purwokerto, Indonesia results from ALSA National Conference VIII presented to SMEs JEC and BEM FH Unsoed. Then by agreement with JEC, that ALSA LC Unsod SMEs set up to be independently and separately from SMEs JEC and make an announcement to students about recruitment FH Unsoed members and other meetings.

Local deliberation to ALSA LC-1 Unsoed agreed on 3-4 June 2001, in the building Bapendik FH 1st floor and was elected the first Director ALSA LC Unsoed namely lia Rahmawati . And during this time LC Unsoed ALSA has given many great contribution to the Faculty of Law Unsoed so as to improve the existence of the Faculty of Law Unsoed in national currency.