Organizing, Leadership, and Managemet of ALSA and Outward Bound (OLMA-OWB) is an annual agenda of every Local Chapter of ALSA with different theme every year and in every Local Board. This event is held for introducing ALSA to prospective members that will be members of ALSA LC Unsoed soon.
For OLMA, was held on October 3rd -5th 2017 at room 15, Justisia 1 Building, law faculty, with materials such are organizing, leadership, and management which had delivered by Alam Saputra, Ilmawan Husain, and Prista Alisa.
For OWB, was held on October 7th-8th 2017 at Kemuning Villa, with several agendas such are History of ALSA LC Unsoed; presentation of competitions; material presentation from National Board of ALSA NC Indonesia; story sharing from members, demissioners, Advisory Council, and Alumnies of ALSA LC Unsoed; also an outbound activity around Baturraden. In this event, also held an inauguration which had became a special agenda from OLMA-OWB, thus every participant legally inducted as members of ALSA LC Unsoed.
Automatically they joining into the big family of ALSA LC Unsoed.

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