Relate to the accepted of the invitation from ALSA Local Chapter Airlangga University (UNAIR), PALT (Pre-National Assembly & ALSA Leadership Training) XXIV ALSA Indonesia with the main themed “Peran pemerintah indonesia dibidang pertambangan dalam kajian hukum investasi dan dampaknya bagi ekonomi nasional”. entitled Foreign Investment in the mining sector after the Freeport case and its impact on the national economy and for the outward bound in this event called ALSA OutBound with themed “Wani Budal Suroboyo” so we ALSA Local Chapter Jenderal Soedirman University participated by sending 14 delegates to following the Pre-National Assemble & ALSA Leadership Training XXIV.

Pre-National Assembly is a forum of deliberations whose results will be followed up at the National Assembly (At SEMUNAS). In addition, here the National Board will present the mid-year Accountability Report. This activity will only be attended by 3 representatives from each Local Chapter.

ALSA Leadership Training aims to foster leadership spirit in ALSA Indonesia members so that it can become a qualified cadre and understand the essence to have ideal leadership spirit.

Pre- National Assembly and ALSA Leadership Training is an annual ALSA National Chapter Indonesia event, held to discuss some substantial matters as preparation for the National Deliberation and discuss technical preparation for the next national agenda & National Board work program that will provide training space and build leadership of ALSA members in every Local Chapter. This event was followed by the 14 ALSA Local Chapter representatives in Indonesia itself. And for ALSA Racing, in this activity there would be some Games
and in every Games there are developed strategy skills, Team Work, and leadership.

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