National seminars and workshops are annual events held at different local chapters, this time Jember university has hosted the 2017 seminar and workshop. The theme was “Urgensi Pembebasan Visa Kunjungan bagi Warga Negara Asing” because Indonesia itself has freed visa for foreign tourists in 169 selected countries who want to visit Indonesia. Speakers on the first day of the seminar were Cahyani Suryandari, S.H., M.H and Maryoto Sumadi, S.H., M.S., M.M with the topic of urgency and background of the formation of presidential decree no. 21 in 2016. On the second day of the event, the speakers were Martamba Tobing, S.H., M.H and Dr. Ir. Arifi Saiman, M.A with the topic of the comparison of the application of visa exemption in Indonesia with other countries. While for the workshop bring experts in the field like Dr. Aries Harianto. S.H., M.H and Prof. Hikmahanto Juwana, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D. According to one delegate from ALSA LC Unsoed, M. Alghifari Atmaja, the material given is highly qualified because it provides more knowledge in the visa exemption policy in Indonesia, “which surely provides more knowledge about the visa exemption policy, it turns out Indonesia is a country in Asia that provides policy visa-free most among countries in Asia. There are 160 countries that are granted visa-free policy by Indonesia, therefore I think there is a need for further review related to this visa exemption, because I think Indonesia only looks like the origin of the course without much consideration in determining which countries are eligible to get visa-free policy , and in this event we discussed in full about it “he said. Another delegates from ALSA LC Unsoed, Munawir Fuad, said that in addition to his knowledge he got a new excitement, “A very exciting event because in each table there are 10 people who are all different universities, so we unite different thoughts while getting to know each other.” He said. The event which was held for three days in Jember, East Java, from 17 – 19 July 2017 was closed with the agenda of city trip to cocoa chocolate center and also to Papuma beach to enjoy sunset together, while for closing ceremony has taken theme “Bohemian” As one of the uniqueness of this event. At the end of the event were awarded several awards such as Best Table Semworknas ALSA Indonesia 2017, Best Participant Semworknas ALSA Indonesia 2017, Best Local Chapter, Best Performance, Best Costume, and also ‘Gus & Ning’ Semworknas ALSA Indonesia 2017.

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